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Igor Ventura's "Tuna Nigiri" Dunny is both the Susho Chef & the Sushi!

Nigirizushi is hand-pressed sushi, specifically an oblong mound of sushi rice with the topping — the neta — draped over it. This is slightly important to know in order to properly understand the jest behind Igor Ventura's newest custom creation, a transformation of the traditional 3-inch Dunny form into the likeness of not just a sushi chef but his culinary creation as well! With a body textured to resemble sticky rice and a head perfectly painted to recall the appearance of beautifully cut tuna, this "Tuna Nigiri" piece is made complete with chopstick and knife accessories. Masterfully crafted, this commissioned piece of work is unfortunately not available for sale, but art collectors can arrange for their own pieces by Ventura by contacting the Red Mutuca studio — which represents him — at info [at] redmutuca [dot] com.

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