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Grumble Toy's "Chubby Tough" Clear Pink Edition for Rotofugi's SDCC Booth!

Canadian artists Chris Bryan and Ainslie Sturko are better known as Grumble Toy, the identity they used to create this adorable pudgy cat creature, "Chubby Tough." I mean, seriously, he's giving Garfield a run for his money with that rotund form! Standing 3½-inch tall and cast in Japanese soft vinyl, this kitty can only move his arms and his neck… probably because that big belly caused his legs to lock into place. Perhaps not the most innovative design we've ever seen, we know that cat lovers will adore him. And he does look striking in this clear pink version featuring minimal painted details, which is limited to a mere 10 pieces! Available from Rotofugi's SDCC Booth #5248 for $40 apiece, due to the very small edition of this piece it will not be offered online until a week after the convention (assuming any remain at that point).

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