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Gotta Catch 'em All! Candie Bolton's Hand-Painted Pokemon for Patrons!

From the ancient world onward, patronage of the arts had been very important to the evolution of creativity. While the commissioning of artwork is probably the best-known aspect of the patronage system, there is also a long history involving direct sponsorship of artists, a concept that Patreon has taken into the digital age. Embraced by self-taught artist Candie Bolton, she has opted to make her very popular hand-painted Pokemon soft vinyl toys available regularly to those supporting her on the site. Decorated in her immediately recognizable bright colors and glittery fades, Bolton will send each of her $35 a month Patreon supporters a customized Pokemon every month, but that's not all… You (kinda) get to choose which Pokemon you'll get! You send her a list of your top 5 favorite Pokemon and she'll paint a vinyl version of one of them for you every month. What's more, the price even includes shipping! With only 20 spots available on the list, make sure you don't delay on supporting this fantastic artist's career HERE.

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