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**On-Site** Visit to Studio Uamou!

Oh Studio Uamou, how you make my heart dance. I was in Tokyo less than 10 days ago and I'm already feeling nostalgic. Part of what made my trip so amazing was going to Uamou mecca, a place I've been dreaming of. I'm a huge collector of the Uamou platform and to see the place where these creations are dreamt of daily is amazing! So let's go on this photo tour together!

The studio is in an area that hosts many artist installations. Think of it like a place where you can go and visit many local artisans in one collective. These retail spaces were created to help re-vitalize the area and bring it spark, and it's definitely worked. Besides the Uamou area, there were many shops with handmade art pieces, such as scarves, purses, jewelry, and other items. And a souffle place. I ate there. Yum.

In addition to the door welcoming you, you can't miss the beautiful installation of past and present Uamous that adorn the outside windows! You can only stare in wonder.

Walking into the shop, this is what you see in the middle of the shop as you face the secret hidden office. Fortune uamou!

I love the lamp. Here you can see a sneak peek into the Boo cafe, which is Uamou & Boo themed and run by Ayako Takagi's brother!

Those lights are so amazing. In case you're wondering about those fatty uamous, they are pretty difficult to get - they are an exclusive to the cafe. You can purchase some when you eat in the cafe. You can also earn points on a punch card depending on how much you spend, and earn an extra special fatty that you cannot purchase! The current special fatty is a brilliant pink and silver hue and looks to be painted by Goto-San.

The cafe also has Boo themed dishes and glasses. I also took photos of the bathroom and the Boo themed paper toilet but I won't go crazy and show you those too. Beyond the theme of the place, this cafe serves very delicious food! I ate there a couple times while I was there, and what I really enjoyed was the limited roast beef dish - only five servings made a day, and featuring thinly sliced, medium rare savory beef slices. So amazing.

Big uamou and little uamou! I loved that the cafe showcased some of Ayako's older works. Look how dark and bloody these Uamou and friends are!

There is so much more I could write and show photos of, but I think I'd spend hours babbling. I really loved seeing the shop in real life - for so long I had to rely on Instagram photos but to see the place in person was something else all together. I got to see Ayako, Hino, and Niko - Niko especially made my visit so special, spending hours with us, telling stories about the studio and Japan, and joining us for a meal in the cafe. Thank you Studio Uamou, you are one of the best things about Tokyo and my trip =).

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