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*ON SITE* Scott Wilkowski's solo show at Wootbear Gallery!

*We had a very special in person report from Katie M. of the Wootbear Gallery opening of Scott Wilkowski's solo show this past weekend... and all the photos and verbiage in this post is direct from her, so enjoy her recap of this rad event!* On Saturday Wootbear opened its doors to reveal a land of resin treasures handmade by Scott Wilkowski and I was lucky enough to be there. Word about this show had reached far and wide so I turned this show into an entire toy hunting mission. I arrived at the store around opening at 11 am. There were already 6 people in line ahead of me! Needless to say, Scott Wilkowski’s work is something we’re all clamoring for and he did not disappoint!

You walk in to a feast for the eyes! The attention to detail and research he put in to each piece is overwhelming. Each shelf was perfectly color matched. I wanted to just take a shelf and put it directly in my toy room. The show featured 91 items consisting of 1/1 infected dunnys in fun and new colors, clear resin and glow in the dark skeleton Kamen riders and kitty cats, skeletons of all kinds including a handful of strolls, and a selection of miniature resin figures. The star among the miniature resin figures was the Woot Bear. I’m crossing my fingers to see an infected Woot Bear in the near future.

I was lucky enough to get to meet Julie of Fog and String in person. She creates these handmade miracles for most Woot Bear shows and I was finally there at the right time to score this infected dunny pin!

I easily spent two hours looking at those shelves admiring all of Scott’s work. He was kind enough to come out to the show and meet and talk with fans. Fans stopped by all day to take a look at the show, but the place completely filled up once the party started at 6pm and was well attended by local collectors and artists. If you live near San Francisco or happen to be in the area I highly encourage you to pop in and take a look at this impressive showing. I know I can’t wait to go back and pick up what I bought and see it all again!

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