InstincToy's "GID Mini Liquid" & "Clear Baby Inc." figures for Wonder Festival!

InstincToy continues to take my breath away, this time revealing their newest version of the 6-inch tall "baby inc." spike-covered bear, the "Clear" edition. Cast in Japanese vinyl to keep the character crystal clear, the above-pictured version is filled with InstincToy's most recent creation: "Mini Liquid." Just like the pieces that are part of the "Liquid Stage" displays, these roughly 1-inch tall vinyl figures come in an assortment of glow-in-the-dark colors and can even be used as a cellphone charm! Oh, and as you might've noticed, 11 or 12 of these "Mini Liquid" pieces can be fit inside "baby inc." A brilliant combination, though one that will debut this Summer at Wonder Festival. Hopefully, per usual, half the runs will be set aside for us international fans to try and buy through a lottery system.

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