Gravy Toys PREORDER "Birth Of Prenute" & "Terry King Bootlegger"!!!

Bwana Spoons and his 'Gravy Toys' have three new sofubi characters coming out... and over the next couple weeks, all 3 will be available for pre-order!!! First up is "Birth of Prenute" glow vinyl pre-order. This toy covers two magical firsts. It's the first toy in several years for vinyl artist pioneer Tim Biskup. This is also a Gravy Toys first (non-Bwana) toy produced. So let's celebrate. Pick up the first colorway of this magical little beast. Next... "Glow Birth of Terry" by Bwana Spoons - here comes Terry King Bootlegger. Terry is the king, then king of lost vintage trash. As he sits on his throne of garbage, he contemplates "what shall I hoard next?". Pre-order starts today - Friday, April 1st and ends Sunday April 10th! Head on over HERE right now to get in on this action!

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