Black Seed Toys x Kenneth Tang - "Demon Embryo" sofubi figure exclusive for Thailand Toy Expo!!!

Kenneth Tang, the main dude over at Black Seed Toys has some exciting news to share... as he is planning on bringing his brand new "Demon Embryo" sofubi figure to Thailand Toy Expo, and hot damn is this vinyl figure wicked! Revealed in 2 separate colorways, the dark and the light version, this beast of a figure is more than meets the eye... and as you can see from the photos in this post, it's super wicked in what lies beneath the exterior of this figure. "In an ancient Oriental patriarchal village, they have a custom which violate human nature. Villagers will take baby girls as sacrifice, buried alive under a tree. They believe that God would bless them and get harvest. There’s a ginseng lived under the tree for millennium years, it grows by absorbing corpse of the babies, and turned into as Demon Embryo. It kept countless souls inside the body and all struggling to escape and waiting a chance to reincarnation. In order to grow and avoid of corruption of body, Demon Embryo is non-stopping to absorb the souls of baby boys, which also to balance the lost of girls. The birth of Demon Embryo is come from the immoral practice, implies evil has its retribution. Being rewards for what you have done. Some immoral situation happened in Hong Kong in these days, I always hope they will get “rewards” for what they have done. With the background of an ancient Oriental patriarchal village, the evil comes after their selfish and immoral custom. “Demon Embryo” is the symbol of retribution." Seriously what a story!!!
Featuring 4 arms, tons of intricately sculpted details, accessories that hand around the neck and drape on the back... this over 9" tall figure also showcases a removable head that once separated from the body reveals one gruesome looking spine... unreal! We love the weirdness of this figure and hope it's made available state side at some point... but if you have contacts going to TTE, be sure to have them pick this up for you! No word on how many, or how much, but expect them to be limited!

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