Anything Goes Toy Trading Party "Spring?" 2016 at Mindzai!!!

Hey Canada, or more specifically Toronto... what's on your schedule for this Saturday?!?! Well, the folks over at Mindzai are having one of their awesome "Anything Goes Toy Trading Party"!!! Now, what's up with the ? next to Spring... I guess it's snowing up there... so it's really not feeling like Spring, hahaha! In any case, this Saturday at their downtown Toronto location, bring any of your collectibles and trade with others for FREE! Your toys can be your doubles, one that you can't stand looking at or perhaps one that you don't mind parting with. You know what they say..."One persons trash is another persons treasure." There's only one rule: There's no money involved between trades. Toys only. Trust me... it's way more fun this way! Brave the cold and come make some new friends and trade for the toys you want!

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