World War 7174 Continues: threeA’s “Saturn Mk2 Titan vs. Bi Gunner Hemingway!”

Over the weekend, the previously teased “World War 7174,” or “WW7174,” line debuted with “Set One: Ghost Hunter Bertie vs. Shadey EDO TK,” which is currently available in the Bambalandstore for $126 per set. Crossing over creations throughout the Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise created threeA worlds, there will be 10 sets in all and each will even come with a different 10 page comic book part… meaning that those that buy all 10 sets will be treated to a full story, probably detailing how WW7174 came to be within the various worlds! Pictured above is Set Two, which should be available at the end of the week and will include the debut of World Best Robots (WBR)’s “Saturn Mk2 Titan” as well as the first time “Automatic Hemingway” is released with two gun arms… “Bi Gunner Hemingway!” Released in the classic MEGO scale (slightly larger than 1/12th scale), these are stunning additions to the 3A world and the growing 3AGO series.

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