Kidrobot's "Adventure Time: The Lich" Vinyl Sculpture!

Fan of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time know that the post-apocalyptic show has a multitude of surrealistic elements, extremely strange alterations to the fabric of what we consider reality… One of which being the our heroic Finn the human is an incarnation of the Catalyst Comet, an embodied of the ultimate good, whose opposite and the embodiment of ultimate evil is The Lich. It is this latter character that is being transformed into a roughly 7⅞-inch tall vinyl sculpture from Kidrobot, the illustrations herein showing the base design. I love how “The Lich” has been made a bit more slim and scary looking, with the blue flames held afloat above his hands by clear pegs. While it appears there are no secret elements to this officially licensed release, I would've loved to see the roughly $74.99 piece come with a removeable outer shell depicting The Lich's human form, Sweet Pig Trunks or Sweet P for short. Expected to be released on August 25th of this year, everything is tentative until it is properly announced… so one never knows!

[Images and information from the Kanpeki Setto web shop.]

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