Ghost Mode… On! Special White Edition of Quiccs × Devil Toys’s 1:6th Scale “TEQ63!”

The “TEQ63” 1/6th scale action figure designed by Philippines-based artist Quiccs and produced by Hong Kong’s Devil Toys LTD will have the previously announced “OG Black Edition” joined by the white “Ghost Mode Edition” version! This special run will be limited to a run of merely 100 pieces, all will include the mech-headed “TEQ63” wearing the color inversions of the regular edition: a white hoodie, decorated with the figure’s name and the artist's Jolly Roger based "skull & crossbones" logo, as well as white jeans, primarily black sneakers, and a black "Bullet Punk" t-shirt. Armed with a fully articulated Balisword, or Butterfly Sword, and a Folding Pocket Gun that really folds up, we're certain this “Ghost Mode Edition” also includes the robotic K9 sidekick character, “SRCH,” even though it is not pictured. Available simultaneous to the “OG Black Edition,” this version will be sold through a prerelease event on March 18th, 2016 at 7am Pacific time at http://www.deviltoys.com.hk/, with pieces expected to be delivered around June or July of this year.

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