Black Seed’s “Giant Peanut” Monstrosity Coming Very Soon!

It feels like peanut monsters, as strange as it sounds, have become the hip new thing. In the past, we've seen cycles of popular Ooze-it designs, ape-based figures, so on and so forth parade before us, but nothing indicated that peanuts would be the next one! Then again, leave it to designer and sculptor Kenneth Tang of Black Seed to show just how versatile a base the peanut can be.
Title “Giant Peanut,” this roughly 10¼-inch tall soft vinyl figure has been hand-painted using metallics, which truly make the detailed sculpt pop. And through it's cracked shell you can even see the removable 3½-inch nut inside! Unfortunately, the debut version of this fresh design will be exclusively from Taipai's Wrong Gallery, specifically for the upcoming Black Seed x GabriellaWorkshop Custom Show. While we're sad we won't be present to snag one of these gems, we hold out hope that some will soon be available to us international buyers!

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