World's End x KILAS - "My Neighbor Kilas" resin art multiple announced!!!

Danielle Henricus over at World's End is stoked to announce a brand new project involving Singapore-based artist Zahir Sanosi aka KILAS as he brings his "My Neighbor Kilas" to life as a resin art multiple! KILAS has an unhealthy obsession with mortality, spirits and anything occult... which is very apparent in his "My Neighbor Kilas" figure as this toy stemmed from the conspiracy theory that Studio Ghibli fans would swiftly deny, which is My Neighbor Totoro as the Angel of Death. Standing 6.6”W by 8.2”H by 6.6”D, this figure was hand sculpted and painted by Bagoy of Yeah-Limited (Indonesia) and KILAS gives Totoro a skull and scythe in response to his theory above, that Totoro will now be able to embody his true self, the grim reaper. World's End has two color variants; "Natural" and "White". The toy also acts as an incense holder for offerings to the lords of fire and brimstone. This toy is part of a print series that World's End has launched as well! You can snag thm up HERE right now for $200 a pop... and wether you are a Miyazaki fan or just a fan of rad looking figures... this is for you!

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