Vannen Artist Watch x Huck Gee - The "Blank" Watch unboxing/review!!!

We are stoked to bring you the very first look at the soon to be released (TOMORROW - Friday, February 19th) Vannen Art Watch featuring the work of artist Huck Gee! This is the "Blank" Watch, and is the 3rd watch from Vannen and Huck. For this release, Huck wanted to create a watch that was a tribute to his new line of "Blank" figures, so they collaborated and came up with a “Blank” watch that is a great companion piece to his popular Skullhead "Blank" resin figure. This watch has a classic matte white finish... a nod the original Skullhead “Blank” figure... and features a very minimal design, using the majority of the clean white to it's advantage and drawing attention to the watch face... clean and elegant!

To give the face of the watch some added dimension, Vannen pad-printed a red “death” kanji on the inside surface of the crystal in it’s usual position on most Huck Gee skulls... and it give it a rad floating effect... looks really cool, and you can see the hands moving underneath the kanji art. Since Huck is a fan of car culture/car racing/car customizing, Vannen took the index markings (hour/minute/second markings) on this watch and made them look reminiscent of the sideview of a low-profile tire/tire tread... a cool little detail, and we love how even as simple as it looks, so much thought was put in! The watch is limited to 150 pieces, each comes signed/numbered by Huck and is bundled with an exclusive set of stickers and a little Magic Eraser and cleaning instructions to help you keep your new Huck Gee watch looking fresh. Check out the video above for an indepth look at this timepiece, and be sure to snag one up either via Huck's online store HERE or the Vannen Watches online store HERE starting TOMORROW - Friday, February 19th at 10am PST.

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