Threezero × Ultraman’s Collectible Figure Line Announced!

Fantastic high-end action figure producer Threezero announced something big at the recent WonderFestival 2016 [Winter] in Japan: they are creating a line based on the classic kaijin and kaiju Ultraman! Our heroes design seems perfectly in-line with the manga sequel to the original TV show, the profile looking perfectly like Tomohiro Shimoguchi's illustrations. Pictured below is a teaser set-up, which appears to have mini-figure renditions of several alien menaces in it, including — I believe — Kanegon, Kemur, and Pigmon (Garamon), all in stylized super-deformed style. These figures could be one of the many releases done over the years and just be displayed for the fun of it, but I honestly don't recognize the base form from any releases I've seen!

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