Special Ed Toys presents: Alien vs Predator "Close To Midnight" Edition!!!

"It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark..." Alien vs Predator "Close To Midnight" Edition from Special Ed Toys is ready for it's super limited release of only 13 hand signed and numbered pieces for the "(In)action Figures 4" show at the Clutter Gallery! Each set comes with a dying E.T. that's close to reuniting with his buddy Michael in the great beyond and a Zombie M.J. that isn't quite ready to give up the evil of the thriller! Plus, as an extra ghoulish surprise, 3 of the 13 sets have a glow in the dark Zombie M.J. variant in place of the regular version! So if you're heading down to the opening this Saturday the 13th and want to nab one, we would suggest getting there early before they pull the plug on E.T. and before Michael moonwalks his way back into the crypt!!!

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