REVEALED: T9G × InstincToy’s “RE-RET” collaborative vinyl figure!

We'd previously revealed a teaser regarding the upcoming collaboration between Takuji Honda (aka T9G) and vinyl production powerhouse InstincToy, but spotted at Japan's Wonder Festival gathering was the above announcement placard. Titled “RE-RET,” I love how this four-eyed, bear-like character is the perfect embodiment of T9G’s aesthetic while still placing the surrealism that InstincToy has become noted for into the piece, namely the tongue-esque arm that appears to be covered in teeth! “RE-RET” is expected to be released just before Summer 2016, but you might not the sticker at the top that reads 第1弾 — The First Version — which we understand indicates the fact that this will have two unique toys using the same body, each with radically different heads. We can't wait to see the other one!

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