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Nicky Davis brings his "Dead Bear" into the resin realm!!!

Spotted as paintings and murals, Texas based artist Nicky Davis is taking his "Dead Bear" character from 2D to 3D, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Nicky has dabbled in customizing vinyl toys here and there and has just thrown his hat into the resin ring, and as you can see from the above 3D printed prototype, this rad character is ready to be moulded, cast, and reproduced! Standing 7" tall, this cute figure has a creepy side to him and was brought to life thanks to the help of Arizona based artist and 3D guru, Edgar Hernandez aka Captain Zeto!

You can see the great looking 3D render above, created by Zeto, sporting some blue fur with white bone/teeth/eye accents, and Nicky plans on taking the 3D output and doing the moulding and casting himself! No word on when these will be available or a round-about price range, but rest assured, we will keep you all up to date as this project progresses! Follow Nicky via his Instagram HERE as well as Captain Zeto's Instagram HERE!

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