64 Colors’s Snow White-themed “Hide in the Forest” Custom Dunny!

Seemingly more inspired by the Walt Disney rendition of Snow White than the Brothers Grimm source material, the husband-and-wife duo of 64 Colors have transformed an 8-inch tall vinyl Dunny into the pictured “Hide in the Forest” hand-painted original. Immediately granting several ways to interpret the title through the base design, the Dunny body itself has been brilliantly textured with wood grain patterning, indicating that the blue-haired girl whose face appears on the front is — quite literally — hiding IN the forest, somehow having taken refuge within a tree itself. Through the story portals on the front and back of the figure, we also see wonderfully detailed depictions of Snow White's tale, particularly the scenes of the titular character having been abandoned by the huntsman in the woods, left to fend for herself rather than be murdered, and how she befriends the wildlife before finding 7 dwarves… There's even a hint of the poison apple that would be coming right on the backside of this piece. A one-of-a-kind piece, this is available now in the 64 Colors online shop for $425.

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