Is Gary Ham x Pobber Toys’s “Mini Autumn Stag” in the works?!? We hope so!

Prepare for celebration, especially if the original “Autumn Stag” display piece by Gary Ham & Pobber Toys was a bit out of your price range. I'll be honest, the original 28-inch tall resin piece was more than I could afford, but I loved the idea of a designer toy that was specifically made to display designer toys… Thus it is exciting to see this new prototype illustration from Ham, depicting a standing rendition of his “Autumn Stag” that would only stand 12-inches tall and 13-inches long. At roughly half the size of the original, this “Mini Autumn Stag” looks like it could hold around 10 pieces without them being crammed to tightly, and that would be the perfect number if something like this could be offered for around $200. We gather that Ham is preparing to pitch the idea to Pobber Toys in the hopes of having them produced, so please contact Pobber to show your support of this project if you want to see it happen!

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