Everybody Needs A Best Friend… 1000% “TED 2” BE@RBRICK Release!

I regard the Ted films as a low point in Set McFarlane’s ouevre, debatably battling for the lowest point with the Cleveland Show, which was simply a blackface rendition of the show it spun off from, the Family Guy. That all said, someone at Medicom Toy must have some real faith in Ted, having licensed the likeness of the stuffed bear character to be applied to the companies mainstay BE@RBRICK platform. Standing over 2-feet tall, this 1000% ABS plastic rendition is covered in a furry costume to mimic the look of the film franchise's titular character. Looking a bit more like a Steiff teddy bear than the movie's foul-mouthed protagonist, these are on presale through the Japanese marketplace until March 10th, 2016 at 7am Pacific time through the CJ Mart online shop for ¥39960 (approx. $357) apiece. This piece is expected to ship in August 2016.

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