"Unhappy Wives" resin art figures from Betterdaystoys!!!

Julio Sánchez Roldán of Betterdaystoys (based in Spain) just showed off a brand new resin art toy that he plan on releasing this Sunday, January 10th... the 'Unhappy Wives' from his Mad World Series line of figures! Releasing in 5 different versions, these resin figures have 4 points of articulation and stand 3" tall... and best yet... some come with a removable mask that once removed reveals the 'Demonic monster' face! You can pick from: "Bloody Mary", "Rotten Love", "Painful Arms", Paint Me", and "Acid Rain" version... all are very limited and range in price from $35-$48 a pop! We love the quirkeyness of these figures, and can't wait to see more! His online store is unlisted.... but you can follow him on his Instagram HERE for up to date info!

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