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Super7’s Newest “Mummy Boy” & “Rose Vampire” Releases!

Super7 are releasing new versions of two of their 3-inch tall, Pocket-sized figures: the Brian Flynn designed “Mummy Boy” in a “Bandaged Bruiser” colorway and the Josh Herbolsheimer designed “Rose Vampire” in a “Melted” rendition! As pictured above, S7’s adordable “Mummy Boy” mascot has been cast in black & blue marbled vinyl and finished with silver & red sprays, all bringing the “Bandaged Bruiser” edition to life. Herbolsheimer’s plant-vampire hybrid returns cast on glow-in-the-dark & purple marbled vinyl with metallic silver sprays and green, yellow & red detailing. Both these figures will be available tomorrow, Thursday, January 28th, 2016 at 12pm Pacific time in Super7’s online shop for $25 and $35 apiece respectively.

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