'Flake & Flames' is close to being funded and need your help!!!

There are only 4 days left in the Kustom Kulture 'Flake and Flames' documentary crowdfunding campaign.... and they are really close to their goal, like really close - and they need your help to make it happen! So, to fire things up, Jesper will paint a personalized original "Beardo" painting for everyone who contributes $100 or more TODAY... that's right, today only! You pick the theme and he will make it happen! So what are you waiting for... head on over HERE right now to take advantage of this awesome deal!

Oh... and at the $50 mark you will get the first colorway of the 'BEARDO' figure, and the $125 tier will get you a custom painted figure from Jesper himself (this is the ticket - custom figure and custom painting)! Standing 4" tall (tip of the brush), this figure was masterfully sculpted by Jorge Macswiney aka Macsorro, and through the campaign HERE, it will be your first chance to snag it up! So, not only can you get a badass looking figure, but in turn, you can help a badass project get funded! Please, donate what you can, and thanks for the support!

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