Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s “Ultra Violent Sam Heinous” Release!

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s three nights of Halloween can't be over until Sam says its over… and I don’t mean the protagonist from Trick 'r Treat, I meant the MVH figure that is only available in October every year: “Sam Heinous!” Reminiscent of the “Sliced Sam Heinous Heads” he made for NYCC two years ago, this year’s “Ultra Violent Sam Heinous” has a dulled razor blade glued into place, slicing through the villainous creature’s cranium. Cast in a yellowish-green olive body with a glow-in-the-dark head that has been hand-painted in metallic green with bright orange, violet details, this version of Sam does come with the traditional pewter knife omake, the handle wrapped in a deep purple cord, as well as some classic MVH stickers and a pin. Available tonight (Friday, October 30th, 2015) at 5 pm Pacific time in the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore web shop for $145 apiece.

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