Bwana Spoons 'Cyborg Stardust' pre-orders LIVE now!!!

Bwana Spoons is on a rampage... a rampage of good will towards men and is gearing up for a fantastic 'Cyborg Stardust' pre-order blind bag release! That's right... you can help Lonny get his first legion of doom with a mixed parts blind bag that included the main body that is 4 parts: legs, torso, wing, and arm and it will come in two colors. Bwana mentions if they get over 50 orders a third color will be added, marbled vinyl... if they get over 75 orders a forth color will be added, trans with glitter. So the more orders he gets, the more unique your figures will be. No two figures will be alike... order 1 or 10, You will be stoked! Pre-orders are live HERE right now and they end October 31st... so get on it!

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