A Star Wars Collectible Like No Other… ThreeA’s “Lonely Dark Lady Tomorrow Queen!”

We'd previously teased about the newest threeA release, part of the company’s GALA MILK line and connected to their official ”Star Wars Alternate” universe… Ashley Wood and Suiyin’s “Lonely Dark Lady Tomorrow Queen!” Bearing a striking resemblance to Darth Vader, this leader of the Empire wears high heels and just might evoke feelings other than fear in her Stormtrooper army… This 1/6th scale, 12-inch tall figure is fully articulated, comes with a glow-in-the-dark “Lady Pink” lightsaber and six grenades, as well as her hand-tailored suit with cape. Available for preorder now from the Bambaland online shop for $140, this petite lady in her cosplay costume isn’t being offered alone…
Yes, she's also part of a 2-pack! Titled the “L TQ O N F P with L TK Battle Set,” she is the exact same figure as the one offered singularly but she comes accompanied by her dark Stormtrooper garbed “Lonely Sargent” underling. The “Lonely Sargent” comes with 12 grenades, a standard gun, and hand-tailored costume, all of which you can see in the picture of the two of them below. Available now for preorder from the Bambaland online shop, this Battle Set will set you back $300 and is worth every single penny!

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