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*ON SITE* Super7's 14th Anniversary "Lucky Bag" release and trading party!

Our man on the scene, and resident "turd polisher", Leecifer had the opportunity to head on out to Super7's 14th Anniversary this past Saturday night where not only was there a trading party, but the release of the mysterious "Lucky Bag" happened as well... and well... we will let Lee take it from here... "They were just starting to put the luckybags out (that's why there's just a few). And I got a shot of Brian Flynn w/ some money I owed him. Didn't seem fair to just give it back so in honor of the S7 celebration I gave ol' Ben the visighost treatment. A private intimate affair the gate was shut a little after 7. Brian quietly thanked us all for coming and said a few words of appreciation. - Perhaps a little thinner and a little grayer - dude looks good having done this for 14 years! We gobble his pizza and drank his beer and enjoyed the inevitable toy trade, but of course the real star of the evening was the LuckyBags themselves!!!"

"Having seen the new WingedKong images ahead a time I was pretty impressed (included firecracker label reference), but was still gonna force myself to make a tasty trade. The last thing I needed to do was get hooked collecting another large figure right? But these bags are amazing - I also scored a beautiful blank lime green EarthWolf (a personal favorite from Josh & S7) and a really nice blank red Fossilla (a blank Milton, Honoo, Dino Caveman rounded out the bag) what could possible make me part w/ it?"

"I tried not to look at the amazing sculpting by Kioka (sp?) I ignored the nice volume and heft of the figure w/ it's smooth articulation. Closing my eyes I could almost smell the vintage vinyl of old Bullmark royalty. I knew I was fu*ked. The hunger was setting in and the hounds of completion were set FREE!!!! Yeah so anyhow it was a really killer evening."

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