Cure Toys × Secret Base’s “Human Centipede 3” mini-figure?!?

We'd recently let you know that the 2009 Dutch shock-horror film The Human Centipede was being made as a keshi figure series in Japan, but evidently the Japanese REALLY love their Human Centipede… as horror-themed company Cure Toys partners with long-time associate Secret Base to release this Human Centipede 3 mini figure in a variety of colors. As seen below, you can put a multitude of these together to form your own crazy convict centipede. Debuted last weekend at a special release event at Asagaya / Loft A, there is no word when — or if — these ¥3000 (approx. $25) apiece mini figures will be available to the masses… but I'd keep an eye on the Secret Base online store, just in case…

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