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Secret Base × Super7’s “‘Marbled Massacre’ Alien” blood-splattered figures for SDCC!

In space, no one can hear you scream… even when the creeping fear that's upon the Nostromo draws nearer and its mouthed proboscis pierces your flesh, coating itself in your blood. The Secret Base × Super7's mini "Alien" figure returns is this "Marbled Massacre" version. Depicting the Xenomorph, or Big Chap, from the Alien films, this officially licensed piece is roughly 4-inches tall and is cast in a swirl of blue & red vinyl with a crystal clear dome atop. Available exclusively at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, these can be added to your collection by visiting Super7’s SDCC Booth #4945 and handing them a mere $50, while supplies last of course.

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