"Kitsune Tattoo Foot" & "Heartbreak" customs by Jon Paul Kaiser... up for grabs soon!!!

Have you ever wanted a custom by Jon Paul Kaiser, but you have never had the chance to snag one up... well, this coming Friday, July 31st, you will have the chance at both of those beaut's above as JPK will be loading up his store in a few days! First up is the "Kitsune Tattoo Foot", an 8" tall GID Lily foot by 3A toys and painted by JPK. This is a one-off custom featuring a Japanese Kitsune tattoo graphic. It will be released at 1600 BST for £400! Also, the custom Fatima figure entitled "Heartbreak"! This is an 8" vinyl figure, the original by Sam Flores (and a beautiful figure), wearing a dress covered in intricate icons of heartbreak and hopelessness. This will also be £400! Both can be found HERE at the above date and time and both will come with FREE worldwide shipping... good luck!

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