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He’s Coming… Jason Limon × Martian Toys’s “Abominable Snow Cone” Vinyl Figure!

Based on the “Cryptid POW No. 3” painting by Jason Limon from 2014, the “Abominable Snow Cone” vinyl sculpture will be the Texas-based painter’s first production piece. Think about that… You've surely at least heard Limon’s name, and probably you’ve seen his exquisitely complex work, and you mostly likely already associate him with the art toy movement, but this is his first vinyl sculptural figure to be announced. Produced by Martian Toys, the above advertising image was found on the inside back cover of Clutter Magazine’s San Diego Comic-Con timed issue (#28, see here). The “Abominable Snow Cone” looks to be a masterful work, recapturing the details of the original in the toy-like form. And I love that it includes the spoon and tiny ice cream truck accessories, as these extra elements gave the original painting their sense of fun and whimsey. Scheduled to make its debut release at this year’s Designer Con, more information — like height and pricing — will surely be coming along soon.

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