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"Severed Limbs" by JankyToys might just be the best bootleg series ever...

In the designer toy scene, you see alot of ideas and projects regurgitated over and over again... and most of the time, with each iteration, they get more and more bland... well, in the case of this brand new bootleg resin toy series from JankyToys, they took an idea from a specific property and completely flipped it on it's head... reinventing the bootleg toy in a very clever way. introducing the "Severed Limbs" series... and they are just that... resin cast severed limbs, HAHAH!!!

Retailing for just $20 a piece or $100 for the entire set of 6, these are available for pre-order HERE right now and are limited to 10 each plus 10 full sets. Each figure is of the movie dismemberment... so, for example, Count Dooku comes with both his hands and his head, Darth Maul is the legs, C-3PO will be a different random part for each order because that dude has lost every limb possible, etc... so awesome! Want in on this??? HEad on over to snag these up right now, as we don't see these lasting very long!

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