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Uber rare "Better Late Than Never! 10yrs, 4 Months!" Dunny seems to be a misprint... a GLORIOUS misprint!!!

About a week ago, vinyl collector "GeekVinyl" posted up the photo you see above showing off the 3 new "Better Late Than Never! 10yrs, 4 Months!" Dunny's recently released from Kidrobot with the caption "One of these are not like the others...", and sure enough, one was totally different! Come to find out, when going through the printing process at the factory, the 2nd step was completely overlooked on the silver one leaving just the base "X" with Chinese kanji writing clear as day! We were actually hoping this was a variant because, in our opinion, this version of the Dunny looks WAY better than the actual production piece with the scribbled "Better Late Than Never! 10yrs, 4 Months Anniversary Dunny"... in fact, seeing that misprint makes us want to try to remove that other copy with some acetone. In any case, this lucky collector has one clean looking Dunny... a true rare production piece! Have you picked up your 10yr Dunny's yet??? Kidrobot has them for sale HERE right now!

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