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Otto Björnik x VTSS Toys - Bai Chu the Bloodthirsty "Kyoo-Ti" edition for Young Art Taipei 2015!!!

Would you look at this... and if our previous post HERE about Otto Björnik’sBai Chu the Bloodthirsty,” resin art multiple that is based on the jiangshi, or Chinese hopping vampire, didn't get you excited already... this should, as we find out that there is another colorway about to emerge from the shadows... and thanks to the folks over at VTSS Toys, you will be able to add him to your collection very soon! Introducing the "Kyoo-Ti" edition... appearing first at the Young Art Taipei 2015, the super adorable pink Bai Chu embodies childlike playfulness and wonder. "Because of this youthful quality, Kyoo-Ti is able to see the world in ways others cannot and it always works to his advantage. He also has the highest Kill Rate (most victims are too busy being smitten with his cuteness to realize they have been bitten)." There is no word on how many were produced or the price, but if the above picture is any indication of the edition size, there appear to be only 9 pieces so expect to pay around $125-$150 a pop of these 5½-inches tall hand-made art figures!

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