Mindzai x T.T. Topperz - "DJ Trakkz" turntable companion figure!

Designed and produced by the folks over at Mindzai, this brand new toy called "DJ Trakkz" is the first in a line of toys called 'T.T. Topperz'. Almost 1.5 years ago, Mindzai was asked by their friend Brad to come up with a toy to fit on a turntable... and function along with a spinning turntable. Being a DJ himself, he had this idea of creating a line of toys that function with a variety of turntables... and above is the result! "DJ Trakkz" comes with a proprietary removable base that fits most modern turntable and record player spindles and does not affect record play. There are two points of articulation on the arms and comes with a detachable lightning bolt accessory. For now, it’s available at Mindzai.com and TTTopperz.com but it’s soon to be available in other retailers. He goes for $20. Retailers interested in carrying it can contact us at info@mindzai.com

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