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Kathie Olivas × Kidrobot - "The 13" Dunny design... is a possible series?!?

Another Monday, and another teaser from Kidrobot... and this go around it's a follow up to our previous post HERE revealing that Kidrobot was working on a Dunny with Brandt Peters. Now... this new teaser shows off a design from Brandt's wife, Kathie Olivas.... which has us thinking that it's not just 1 figure... but possible 13 figures??? Maybe a Circus Posterus own Dunny series??? Seeing as there are 2 separate designs in the teaser above... and a possible 3rd??? It's still unclear as to what this actually is, but fans of both Kidrobot, Brandt Peters, and Kathie Olivas, can be stoked on what's to come. What do you think???

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