Woot Bear Gallery x Ben Seto - Exclusive "Gold & White" resin Skullbunny & Comic Book release!!!

Artist Ben Seto created his first Skullbunny toy in 2007 inspired by a doodle that he made on a post it note, soon after, he focused on making comics about them. In 2012 he received a grant from the 'Xeric Foundation' to publish his first volume of Skullbunny comics, titled "Usagi Jane and the Skullbunnies" Volume 1, and in 2014, he decided to remake his Skullbunny toy which debuted last year at Designer-Con 2014 in Pasadena. NOW, thanks to Woot Bear Gallery, Ben is excited to release an exclusive gold and white Skullbunny (limited to 30 pieces) with mini silkscreen print... and as you can see from the above photo, the figure is rad and features the 'Woot Bear' logo on the back of the head! Join Ben and the folks over at Woot Bear this Saturday, April 4, from 6-9pm for this fun event and release!

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