Sekure D's Dunny That Didn't Happen from Kidrobot…

When the leadership of Kidrobot altered structure and course, in the aftermath of their joining the NECA family, there was a rash of cancelled pieces announced… and even more that you never even heard of, as the artist was either content with the scenario or didn't want to make a fuss or whatever. Such an artist is Sekure D, who only just stepped forward to reveal his unreleased 8-inch Dunny design and the tale behind everything…
After my 2012 trip to the USA where I did a bunch of appearances for KR both instore and at NYCC[,] I was asked to collaborate on my very own 8″ Dunny. Gotta say this was definitely a milestone I had been striving for so I was really excited. With a 72 hour deadline to submit I actually taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator and got to work coming up with this guy. Fast forward now to pretty much 2 years later and its sad to say I got confirmation that after all the changes at KR that he will no longer be coming out, another casualty of the restructure I guess, but it[']s not all bad.

I look at it as a positive experience no matter what, KR hitting me up to collaborate was a great confidence boost and confirmation I was on the right path with my artwork. I was forced after years of delaying to finally learn how to use Illustrator, if only I didn’t have to do it in 3 days haha. Also, now that the toy has been cancelled it has motivated me to produce my own toys and not wait for someone else to do it for me which I am incredibly excited about so you heard it here first, my own toy is coming very soon. (emphasis ours)

I think most artists when you ask them about the hardest part of their job will reflect on the near misses and the projects that never happened, for me obviously the Jordan collab which turned into a Wade PE but didn’t release and this rank right at the top of the list but you have to take it in stride and move onto the next project. I see a lot of bitter and angry artists and sure I experience that as well, it’s a part of this life, but I am determined to keep it out of my studio, I definitely create best when I am happy and I have no doubt you will eventually see my logo on a Kidrobot production piece.

‘Get busy living, or get busy dying’[…] thanks Andy Dufresne.

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