Awesome Toy's "Fake Baron" Mini Figure, Pendant Style Mini, Finger Puppet & Finger Puppet Mini!

The previously announced range of Awesome Toy's mini figures is true! Pictured above, left to right, is the "Fake Baron" design reinterpreted as a 4½-inch "Finger Puppet Sofubi" for $25 apiece, a 1¾-inch "Finger Puppet Mini Sofubi" for $15 apiece, a 4⅖-inch "Pendant Style Sofubi Mini" for $30 apiece, and a 3⅓-inch "Sofubi Mini" for $30 apiece. Each cast in red Japanese vinyl and painted with silver & yellow details, the same colors as the first edition of the standard size release of "Fake Baron," you can buy each of these versions individually right now in the Toy Underground Store. Or you can buy all four for $90 — a $10 savings! Expected to ship at the end of April, 2015.

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