The 'Pop-up Art Book' is well under way with production... and pre-orders now available!

The folks behind that awesome Pop-up Art Book are stoked to show off 3 all-white mockup books from the factory... and as you can see, they are moving right along with the production process! The white paper books are to make sure the pop ups are working as they were designed to be, with no art on them. The next step after finalizing the edits needed on these white mockups is that the factory will then make color mockups of the book, using the final artwork.

This will give them a physical working proof of the book, and any issues seen with the white mockup should be fixed/corrected... how exciting! If you all missed out on the Kickstarter campaign... you can actually head on over HERE right now to snag up the pre-order for this book so once it's released you can be sure it will be added to your collection!

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