Garbage Pail Kids × Night of the Creeps = Retroband Kids's "Creepy Kevin!"

As previously announced, Aaron Moreno's Retroband Kids line will be surging forward with a fourth release: "Creepy Kevin!" Using a roughly 2-inch tall figurative form inspired by Garbage Pail Kids, the piece itself is derived from the creeping zombies from Night of the Creeps, complete with sculpting crawlies under the character's formal Prom attire. With the above pictured sculpt being cast in resin and hand-painted by Moreno, the 2½ × 3½ in. backing card (pictured below) features art from his frequent collaborator Gabriel Hernandez (Worthy Enemies). Limited to an edition of 50 pieces worldwide, these will be released in Retroband's online shop on February 28th, 2015 at an unspecified time. Keep updated by following Moreno's Instagram feed, where further details of this release will be announced.

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