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New Year's Resolution for Kidrobot #7: Just Say No To Kaiju!

With the revelation from Frank Kozik — in his interview in Clutter Magazine #23 — that he is considering doing some Kidrobot production in Japan, using their soft vinyl (sofubi), it needs to be said: Kidrobot don't do kaiju. I love kaiju, but it's not Kidrobot's bag. Using sofubi to produce certain pieces so that shops can have low production run, exclusive colorways is brilliant… but these releases should continue to be true to what KR is. And, once again, Kidrobot don't do kaiju. There are certain kaiju adjacent artists — like Kevin Herdeman (aka Honkeylips, aka Monsterarm) and INSTINCTOY — who could create fantastic works in-line with KR's aesthetic, but they are the minority rather than the standard. So, yes to sofubi, no to kaiju, at least for as far as KR are concerned.
This post in no way should be construed as coming from Kidrobot. It is, rather, a hope for the new year that us at SpankyStokes have for the seminal brand.

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