ANNOUNCED: Awesome Toy's official "Fake Baron vs…" Battle Sets!

Awesome Toy's "Fake Baron," inspired by the classic '70s "Pachi Red Baron" menko illustration, has really captured the imagination of fans… and now they are taking the idea to the next level. Imagine if "Fake Baron" had a Japanese TV show and, in each episode, the super robot fought a different enemy… then, for toy releases, regular Battle Sets were released. Well, the television program might not exist, but why not create the two-packs!?! Working with sofubi makers from around the world, Awesome Toy have prepared the "Fake Baron vs…" Battle Sets, each of which will feature them painting some other sofubi brand's character while the partnered brand does the same on the "Fake Baron!" Each Battle Set will be very limited and will only be sold through lottery to fans. Beginning in February 2015, these lotteries will be announced on Awesome Toy's Instagram or Facebook, so make sure you follow both.

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