The Toy Mafia's "Hedorah Lepreskar" Black Friday release!!!

"What is the "Lepreskar?" While some say it was born in hellfire and left to rot in a field of disease, we do know that it is the perfect addition to any maggot infested collection of plastic joy! Mottled with patches of oozing flesh, the Toy Mafia name appears twisted into the back of the head!" At roughly 6.5" tall, 7" long, and 5" wide, the life-size "Lepreskar" skull will be available from Black Friday through Cyber Monday in a special, made-to-order "Hedorah" (or Smog Monster) edition from Clutter Magazine!!! Made of rotocast resin and inspired by the look of the classic kaiju, this piece is coated in black rubber and finished with a clear rubber film, creating a unique tactile and visual experience!m Limited to 15 pieces, these are up for grabs HERE for $80 apiece! Each one of these special edition pieces is completely hand-made and finished, coming bagged with a header card.

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