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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Sam Heinous" in Halloween 2014 versions & a new "Bone Head" style!

Even though the Great Pumpkin is a little late this year, he's still coming out to play. And no, I'm not talking about the Charlie Brown special, I'm talking about Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Sam Heinous" figure! Available, as per usual, only around Halloween, the "Sam Heinous" head atop the "DX Sludge Demon" body is back, cast in milky clear vinyl that has been painted bright blood red inside exposing all the deep crannies of the design! Aptly called the "Bleeding Ghost" edition, the outside is painted in a rub treatment of olive green and clear yellow with slight maroon mimicking rotting flesh along with blue and ivory details. And then, of course, there's the "8 Bit Hack" chase version, which has a painted rub on a vibrant blue vinyl, in blue and purple with hot pink and green details. Both full-size figures come with the traditional Michael Myers-esque pewter knife with hemp wrapped handle. This year also sees the debut of the "Bone Head," which is Sam's head with white resin arms attached. Cast in bone colored vinyl, with a murky monster green paint rub with slight burgundy tones, orange boils, ivory worms and duck egg green teeth, this guy will certainly be a hit! Due to demand, these are sold by lottery system; the lottery is open until 7PM Pacific time tonight (November 2nd, 2014) and winners will be notified within 24 hours, having to pay $135 plus shipping for the full-size "Sam Heinous" with the "Bone Heads" being an additional $66.60! To enter the lottery*, please visit THIS PAGE on the MVH website.

* All Lottery entries are 100% free, there is NO fee to enter a MVH lottery at any time whatsoever. Only a select few winners, once chosen, will be invoiced for said toy.

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