Buff Monster's BLACK FRIDAY super sale!!!

Buff Monster will be releasing a bunch of new things this Friday, November 28th... and in true Black Friday fashion, he will be offering a discount as well: 30% off of all orders over $55 with discount code “blackfriday”. This is the best time to get a little something for yourself, or get some early Holiday shopping done. Also, after you’ve used the discount, if you’re spending more than $125, he’ll give you a brand new Jumbo Skull resin piece FREE. They’re about twice the size of the original resin skull and each one is unique. Limit one per order. The discount code will work all day Friday, but starting at 10am EST, he’ll have all sorts of things available including...
First, Buff painted up 8 of the vinyl Mister Melty Zombies. Each one is unique and comes signed and packaged in a bag and header. They’re $140 each (after using the discount code). Second, he's releasing a handful of hand-painted Flash prints. Each is painted by Buff with an airbrush, and signed on the back. Available in 4 different colors: pink, blue, green, gray. Only $105 each (after using the discount code). Third, Buff is making available some of the original ink drawings he used to create the Flash prints. Each is drawn in ink, and then shaded with an airbrush. They measure 5"x5” and come in a bag and header signed on the back by me. They’re $175 each (after using the discount code). Lastly, a variety of toys from his personal archive. Some items he only has one of... so if you’re missing a piece in your collection, he might have it for you. All the new stuff will be available HERE at 10am EST November 28th!

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