Unbox Industries × 2000AD's A.B.C. Warriors… It appears "Steelhorn" is coming to the third dimension!

Unbox Industries, via their Instagram feed, teased with the above image and tagline "On the list for 2015…," the implication certainly being that this revealed something in the works for toy release. Now, what is it? Well, fans of the British comic magazine 2000AD just might recognize Pat Mills's A.B.C. Warriors character "Steelhorn," the seventh and last ABC Warrior. For those unfamiliar, the A.B.C. Warriors are a team of war robots designed to withstand Atomic, Biological, and Chemical warface and — for the most part — they are free-will wielding droids who find themselves at odds with their human masters. In 2011 and 2012, threeA produced two of the seven A.B.C. Warriors in toy form, but then the line seemed to disappear with no further announcements… so, with any luck, Unbox will release all the A.B.C. Warriors, or at least the ones that threeA didn't!

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