L'amour Supreme × Mishka's "Fright Series: Ghost Cave" figure & "Children's Toy" for NYCC!

Produced in soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) by Luke "Grody Shogun" Rook, the infamous 4-inch tall "Fright Series" release by Ghost Cave, the ongoing collaboration between L'amour Supreme and Мишка, will be available in the above painted black vinyl version at this year's New York Comic Con (NYCC)! In addition, as you may have noticed, is also the return of the roughly 5-inch tall mash-up figure "Children's Toy," which uses a L'amour Supreme "Keep Watch" head atop Ummiko's "Koningu" body… Both will be available at Mishka's NYCC Booth #110, though expect quantities to be very limited!

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